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Jump, Dash, and Platform through a colorful new adventure!


Peace has been shattered with the return of the dastardly Jet Onyx! This vile villain has made his return to the spotlight by stealing the city’s main generator. With it, he plans to power his latest invention: ‘The Black Seed’; this device can drain the world of color leaving it in pitch blackness. Can Chroma use the power of the Prism Breaker to burst through Jet’s newest fortress or will Jet doom the world to darkness?


  • Master the Spectrum Shift ability to give Chroma different tools to aid in platforming
  • Collect Prism Shards  to fuel the all power Prism Breaker transformation
  • Experience High Velocity based movement and platforming
  • Take part in an adventure inspired by the super-heroic Saturday morning cartoons of old
  • Battle against the fearsome Jet Onyx who will test all your skills in an intense boss battle



Team MemberRole
Nicolas WitthoeftCreative Director, Character Artist, Animator
Paul DaleProducer, Programmer
Dylan RodriguesTechnical Lead, Programmer
Bryan Fay Programmer
Sean KnightEnvironmental Artist, UI Artist

Install instructions

Simply extract the downloaded zip folder,  run the executable inside and enjoy! Thanks so much for trying our game!


Poster.png (5400 x 7200) 23 MB
Wallpaper.png (1920x1130) 401 kB
Prism Breaker PC 49 MB

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